Cajun Cutters Inc.
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ABOUT Cajun Cutters, Inc.

CCI Background

Since the summer of 1987, Cajun Cutters has provided quality land, marine, and offshore support services to companies located throughout the Gulf Coast. In addition to waterfront fabrication facilities located on Bayou LaCarpe in Houma, Cajun Cutters offers precision CNC machine shop services and manual machine services for production manufacturing or repair. We also offer on-site machining including align boring and portable compounding. We can custom fabricate anything according to our customers' requirements. From dowel pins to drilling rigs, o-rings grooves to oilfield platforms, Cajun Cutters specializes in "DNA".

"Damn Near Anything"

Our ASME coded (Sec8 Div1) fabrication/welding department provides qualified procedures performed by certified welders for in shop, on-site, and offshore services. When necessary, we will qualify our personnel for your specific needs.

Cajun Cutters also maintains a protected facility for sandblasting and painting services. In addition to our own paint systems, we can coat to customer requirements. We also provide off-site paint services.

Our Quality Control Program is available for your inspection upon request.

Our Safety Program, which includes JSA's, STOP, Near Miss Sharing, Structured Safety Training, Incident Reporting and Investigation, insures our customers that their work will be performed in a safe and efficient manner.

We continually strive to maintain a highly-skilled, quality-oriented workforce. Before employment with Cajun Cutters, all prospective employees must pass a work physical, a drug screen, and a background check of their work history and experience.


Please Consider Cajun Cutters, Inc. for your next project.

Our Leaders

  • Thomas M. Aston Jr. - President and CEO
  • Bennett M. Porche Sr. - Financial Controller/CPA
  • Christopher Aston - Operations Manager
  • Mitch Thibodaux - Office Manager/Safety Manager
  • Dwayne Lebouef - Fabrication Shop Foreman
  • Eli Gomez - Offshore/Offsite Service Coordinator & Coatings Yard Manager
  • Gene Boyt - Coating Foreman
  • Kevin Franks - Waterjet, Metal Forming Manager, & Machine Shop Manager
  • Todd Aston - QA/QC Manager
  • Harold Naquin - Estimator/Project Manager
  • Ryan Plaisance - Estimator/Project Manager
  • Derek Dupre - Estimator/Project Manager
  • Angela Antill - Marketing Manager / Business Development
  • Debra Naquin - Business Development

Our Mission


To achieve total customer satisfaction to the best of our ability for every product we produce and every service we perform.


  • Insure that our employees are properly trained and know our expectations as well as the expectations of our customers.
  • Maintain effective communication between management and employees.
  • Show the care and respect that each employee deserves by responding to their needs.
  • Recognize our employees who make our "Super Service Team" a reality.


  • Focus on the continuous improvement of work processed as an organization and as individuals in the areas of safety, quality, protecting the environment, integrity, and job performance.
  • Maintain effective communication between our company and our customers.
  • Show the care and respect that each customer deserves by responding to their needs.
  • Provide the resources necessary to insure the highest quality products and services.
  • Efficient product creation and service performance.
  • Timely service performance and product delivery.


  • Earn and maintain customer and public trust and respect through open communication with them and each other.
  • Reflect fairness, respect, and the highest quality standards of ethical conduct.


  • Strive to reach our goal of zero accidents.
  • Continually improve upon the processes that directly or indirectly lead us to our goal of zero accidents.
  • All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable.
  • NO job is so important that we cannot take time to do it safely.
  • Establish a culture of safety consciousness.
  • Safety compliance is a condition of employment.
  • In the event of an accident, it will be handled promptly and professionally.
  • Strive to maintain employee retention. Minimize turnover.


  • Educate our employees and insure that we do not pollute the environment.
  • Provide the resources required to protect the environment.
  • Demonstrate genuine concern for the environment through our actions.